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The first black international reality docuseries follows African American Expat family abroad in Taiwan during times of COVID

From Carmel, Indiana to London, England to Taipei, Taiwan, the Ingram family had quite an adventurous last few years. The brainchild of Juanita Ingram (matriarch of the family), THE EXPATS: INTERNATIONAL INGRAMS follows the international adventures and struggles of a black American family living, working, and learning abroad. The 20 episodic series is available December 9th, 2020 for streaming on Amazon Prime Video, and covers everything from navigating new cultures, schooling, health scares, Black Lives Matter abroad, and even COVID-19 as experienced in Asia (Taiwan).

"Being African-American and choosing to live abroad is always steeped in change and navigating through the unexpected, but today the racial and viral pandemics have placed the topic of living as an expat front and center. This series tackles tough and relatable issues in an educational yet entertaining way all while breaking stereotypes and increasing a more inclusive representation of expats of color.," says the show's Executive Producer and Creator,

Juanita Ingram, Esq.

The intention of THE EXPATS is to shed light on the dynamic, exciting, and unpredictable life of EXPAT families; as well as educate and introduce new places and experiences to families. The Ingrams will be an inside source of what it's like to live abroad and discover and adapt to new cultures. Juanita, who is an American licensed attorney, author, actress, and Founder & CEO of Purpose Productions, Inc. (a 501(c)3 minority women-owned production company), came up with the show’s concept when she realized that her story could help not only other black families abroad but also trailing spouses.

“As a trailing spouse, reinvention and flexibility are a must,” noted Ingram. “Trailing spouse syndrome/depression is real and navigating through it is a journey! Additionally, being black and abroad has its ups and downs but in the end, it is worth it.”

“It is vital that we control our own narrative when depicting our journey. I wanted to ensure that we gave a genuine and authentic depiction of the experiences shared in this series,” said Ingram. “Ownership and controlling the narrative of black lives as depicted in media matters.”

Utilizing an "edutainment" approach, the docuseries ushers in a new genre of "smart-reality TV", offering a positive and immensely entertaining depiction of black expats, directly combating the distorted representation of the lives and reality of black people and black families. The series challenges dangerous stereotypes by setting forth a positive, informative, and entertaining depiction of the black family and those who are electing to live aboard and will open up a world of opportunities for viewers seeking to explore options of living aboard in this new post-covid19 norm.

Meet The Ingrams:

Juanita Ingram, Esq.: An attorney, author, actress, and creator of Purpose Productions. She uses her platforms as a mother and lawyer to empower others and promote change. During this time, she has dealt with the issues of creating a new life in a foreign country, while also battling tensions with how the recent move affects her health and relationships.

Kinsley Ingram: A lighthearted social personality who looks up to her mother, this 12-year-old big sister lives for TikTok, SnapChat, YouTube. She enjoys acting, being in the spotlight, and goes with the flow.

Kynon “KJ” Ingram II: KJ is a 10-year-old risk-averse boy and energetic gamer. He plays sports and makes friends in his school, in which he excels with an extremely high IQ. His struggles come from the transplanted life of America to Taiwan, where his academic talents are threatened.

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