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THE INTERNATIONAL INGRAMS is an all-new smart reality docu-series that highlights the life of the wife of an EXPAT executive: Attorney, Author, and Actress Juanita Ingram.


After previously living abroad in London for 5 years, traveling all over Europe and raising their kids to be global citizens, the Ingrams have moved back to Carmel, IN and are getting acclimated to life in the US.


Juanita is excelling in her career as a driven corporate attorney, has started her own non-profit production company, and is producing her new legal talk show, Legal Notion; as well as just finishing the last leg of her international book tour. The Ingram children are also adjusting well to new schools and starting to feel at home again.


That is until Kynon, the successful executive is asked to move himself and his family abroad again. This time to a country with a very different culture and lifestyle on the continent of Asia.


When he comes home from work to share the news with Juanita, she has major concerns as well as trepidation about transitioning once again.


Follow the International Ingrams as they prepare to relocate to uncharted territory and get acclimated to Asia. Relate to the family as they share common experiences while preparing to make the new transition to yet another foreign country and explore it all as a family.


This is the life of an EXPAT Family. The Ingrams pull back the curtains on the diverse and dynamic lifestyle that few know to exist.

The Louvre, Paris
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