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The entire Ingram family is fun to watch and relatable. I love seeing each of their own personalities shine through. But what I liked the most is seeing how this All American family keeps it real and how they handle and deal with real life situations...I am crowning them the First Family of reality entertainment. Bravo Ingram Family!


I love this show!! I’m a TV producer in Los Angeles and let me just tell you, we need a show like this gracing the screen. It’s cute, funny, uplifting, raw, brilliant tv! In a world where black families need better role models like we had with the Cosby’s - this show is the next gen of that. Kudos!

Emmy-Award Winning Producer

Erica Goings


Watched this for the first time and can honestly say it’s one of the best reality shows I’ve watched- and I’ve watched them all- it’s authentic, genuine, funny, informative and intriguing. Draws you in immediately and craving for more. Fab!


THE EXPATS: INTERNATIONAL INGRAMS  is an unscripted docuseries about Black life abroad; giving never-before-seen transformative insights into the many diverse facets of life abroad through cross-cultural exchanges. The series radically transforms the reality TV model for Black-casted unscripted TV and directly combats the distorted representation of  BIPOC  people globally. Its “edutainment” approach to production and presentation dismantles dangerous racialized stereotypes through its positive and entertaining cross-cultural depictions of Black Americans thriving abroad and is leading the way for inclusivity.


Issues covered include, but are not limited to: Dismantling BIPOC Media Stereotypes; Overcoming Trailing Spouse Depression, Raising Black Third-Culture Kids; Black Mental Wellness, Global Social Justice, Confronting Implicate Bias, Colorism, Pandemic-Related Grief, and Domestic Violence Post-Traumatic Stress.


Designated as an “Emmy ® Eligible” program by the Television Academy in 2021, the series received the Best Web Series Award from the Christian Film Festival, Hip Hop Film Festival,  and International Black & Diversity Film Festival.  The ground-breaking series also received a Webby Award Honoree and Telly Award. The program was also an official selection of the Diversity in Cannes and Pan African Film Festival. 

"Being African-American and choosing to live abroad is always steeped in change and navigating through the unexpected, but today the racial and viral pandemics have placed the topic of living as an expat front and center. This series tackles tough and relatable issues in an educational yet entertaining way all while breaking stereotypes and increasing a more inclusive representation of expats of color," says the show's Executive Producer, Attorney, and Creator, Juanita Ingram, Esq.   


Ingram was awarded the Ambassador Ruby Hurley Image Award NAACP Chattanooga in 2021 and independently produced the series through her 501(3)C production company, Purpose Productions inc. As chronicled in Season 2, Ingram competed and was crowned the title of Mrs. Universe 2022/2023 by the Ms. World Corporation, making her the first Black woman to hold this title in the MRS. division.

As a trailing spouse, reinvention and flexibility are a must,” noted Ingram. “Trailing spouse syndrome/depression is real and navigating through it is a journey! Being black and abroad has its ups and downs but in the end, it is worth it,” states Ingram.

It is vital that we control our own narrative when depicting our journey. I wanted to ensure that we gave a genuine and authentic depiction of the experiences shared in this series,” said Ingram   Ingram sought to achieve this both on screen and behind the camera.   “Ownership and controlling the narrative of black lives as depicted in media matters.  When people of color are part of the production process, we can intimately inform the industry and the public at large on how we navigate our experiences and what we believe is needed.” Ingram notes.

Ingram further states, “Numerous BIPOC people are the recipients of violent discrimination annually, and how underrepresented individuals are presented in the media either feeds cultural myopia contributing to our inability to bridge racial divides that plague society or it can transform dangerous racialized stereotypes and positively shape how we are handled, and often mishandled, on a global scale. This series ushers in positive change and not only motivates BIPOC people to see themselves having a host of new possibilities in a similar fashion to how “A Different World” shaped views on higher education; it equally ushers in a new genre of conscious-reality TV, offering a positive, family-friendly, and immensely entertaining depiction of BIPOC expats, directly combating the distorted representation of BIPOC  people; and tackling tough yet relatable issues while breaking stereotypes and increasing a more inclusive representation of expats of color.


Portions of the streaming proceeds will be donated to Dress for Success Greater London and Dress for Success Chattanooga, charities that help women find economic freedom and combat poverty for families. 

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